Here is a bit of visual preview for the Holiday Lake 50K race.

Below are videos of the course, divided into eight sections between the aid stations. Eight videos, about ten minutes each, so about eighty minutes total viewing time, plus any extra time needed for downloads.

Unfortunately when a digital video image that originally was moving and shaking is set to a faster speed, compressed by my editing program, and recompressed by YouTube the result is fuzzy. If the image looks too fuzzy click the "change quality" icon (the cogged wheel) at the bottom of the picture and select a higher resolution -- up to 720p. Better picture qualities take longer to download and will be helped by a faster connection. To reduce viewing time, most of the video is sped up to 4x normal speed, slowing only at points of interest or where you might change direction.

Remember that the actual race starts in predawn darkness, so this video is not accurate in that regard.

Segment 1 - Start to AS 1:

Again, click on the cogged wheel to change the setting for improved sharpness pointer hand You must reset this every time you reload or start a new video. Click on  YouTube  at the bottom right of the screen to watch it directly on YouTube.

Segment 2 - AS 1 to AS 2:

Segment 3 - AS 2 to AS 3:

Segment 4 - AS 3 to AS 4 (half-way):

Segment 5 - AS 4 (half-way) to AS 5:

Segment 6 - AS 5 to AS 6:

Segment 7 - AS 6 to AS 7:

Segment 8 - AS 7 to finish:

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